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Ovid tools designed to drive your search experience

Kdy: 19. 6. 2024, 15:00 – 15:45
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This 45-minute webinar provides an overview of tools, available within the Ovid platform and to all users, designed to help your searching become more efficient and productive. The session is perfect for anyone who uses Ovid — researchers, librarians, faculty and educators, students, and healthcare practitioners — and includes simple, step-by-step instructions.

Below are some of the tools you’ll learn about:

  • Expert searches – Validated searches for direct launch within Ovid databases
  • History launcher – Import and launch external searches directly into Ovid databases.
  • PICO resources – A suite of materials for PICO(t) searching on Ovid databases
  • Top articles – Quickly view the most read articles by medical specialty.
  • Term finder – Create comprehensive searches with our new advanced search builder.
  • Ovid analyzer – Quickly find the most frequently occurring MeSH terms and keywords.

Speaker: Maurice Clementi is a senior member of the international Ovid Customer Success Team.

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