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Publishing Open Access in Cambridge Journals

Kdy: 10. 5. 2021, 17:00 – 18:00
Kde: online prostredníctvom služby Zoom
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Webinár je určený najmä vedeckým a informačným pracovníkom z inštitúcií, ktoré využívajú program Read and Publish vydavateľstva Cambridge University Press. Užitočný môže byť aj pre záujemcov z iných akademických inštitúcií.

Pozrite sa, či vaša inštitúcia využíva Read and Publish: v Česku a na Slovensku.

Webinár bude v angličtine online priamo vo vašom internetovom prehliadači a na prenos zvuku stačí, aby ste mali k počítaču pripojené reproduktory alebo sluchadlá.

Nevyhovuje vám čas konania? Zaregistrujte sa, vydavateľstvo vám pošle nahrávku.


Open Access (OA) was once a disruptive new approach promoted by a few passionate advocates who believed that access to and ability to reuse research was fundamental to accelerating knowledge. Today, more and more researchers are choosing to publish their research OA as interest, understanding and awareness of this mode of scholarly communication continues to grow.

Join our Editorial Team as they guide you through the basics of OA, highlight key benefits, and present evidence of the increased impact of choosing this option.

Alongside this, Professor Sally Kendall, co-Editor in-Chief of Primary Health Care Research and Development, will share her perspectives on the opportunities OA affords, and the changing landscape around it.

We will also explore funding pathways to publishing OA, including how to benefit from publishing agreements with your institution.

The session will last one hour, including a Q&A with the panel. If you can't attend, please do register as you will be sent a recording after the event.